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Travel Guidebook Writing  

As any guidebook author will tell you, it's hard work, and the hardest part is making a profit. 

Having researched and written hundreds of articles and dozens of guidebooks—many best-sellers to their destinations—I've learned some things about travel guidebooks, but it's still a mystery how to make a comfortable income from it today.

Getting Started: how to jump in.

Is Guidebook Writing Worth the Money? It's getting harder to say "yes."

All About Contracts: to make money, you need a decent deal.

The Author as Brand Name: it's not vanity, it's good business.

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Should You Write "On Spec"?

What It's Like Out on the Road

Know Your Readership!

Make Your Editor Happy!

Do You Have Photos?

The Writer as Brand Name

Can You Make a Living at It?

Do's and Don'ts of Publishing Contracts

Marco Polo, Travel Writer

The Life Cycle of a Guidebook Series


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