Making Introductions in Research Papers

Introductions are significant in an essay. It is because it helps you create a certain tone, and also it creates the first impression of your essay. This article will talk about the tips that you need to know when you want to write a killer introduction. Also, an introduction can be the first paragraph of your essay. Someone can ask, what does this paragraph do? When you have an introduction that is so captivating, then you will make your readers follow your work.

Writing a killer introduction will convince your audience that the essay you are writing is worth the time they have. Make sure that you have a particular and clear thesis. And also, ensure that your thesis is substantial. Once you confirm that your thesis is firm, then you can now write your introduction. The reason for that is the thesis must be at the end of your introduction. 

Ensure that your introduction is at the top of your essay or research paper, or in the middle, or even at the end of your paper. Write your introduction in the way that best suits you. If you are writing a very long paper, like a dissertation, your introduction must be around half or a paragraph or two paragraphs long.

There are four sections of an introduction paragraph:

  • The first is like when you are just introducing the topic.
  • The second part of the introduction mentions why the topic is vital.
  • The 3rd of this introduction states that there are opinions about this particular topic.
  • The 4th paper of the introduction paragraph describes how the writer will structure and state the premise.

You can get the reader’s attention by starting your essay with a question, fact, analogy, or even a very brief narrative. It will assist you, the writer, in creating a particular tone. And it will capture your reader’s attention. Use your time at this stage because this will be the part that can convince your reader to go through your work further. 

Make sure you look for information that Backs up and provide backgrounds on your thesis that you put in the introduction. Ensure that you use that knowledge that is not rare or too complex to the readers. Make sure that the information makes the thesis clear. These sentences give a clue of reference for the audience. To help him know what the thesis is about. 

Jot down statements that be more specific as you are writing the paragraph, leading to a thesis statement at the last parts of the introductions. The sentences must give information about the writer’s points in the essay’s body that concerns the thesis. 

Throughout the entire introduction. Put down the significant statements that the essay will talk about that connection to the thesis statement. Do this without writing a lot of details. These give a framework that has more details. And it also makes the essay have more organization so that the audience can a smooth flow when he is resting the work. It also makes the essay easy to read. These statements will incite questions in the mind of the audience. 

An example of your research involves the importance of free education, public kindergarten education. It means the points that put the thesis in order will have to contain developmental needs, available sources for funding, and society’s needs.


It is important not to understand that writing complicated English in the introduction because you want to capture the reader’s mind.

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