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Linear Text vs Hypertext

You must train yourself to write Optimized Hypertext™. It is not just traditional linear text broken into chunks.

Here are some ways in which linear text differs from Optimized Hypertext™:

Linear Text



Organization: linear


Organization: information "cloud"

"Start at the beginning, and when you come to the end, stop."


Text "begins" with any "text object" and ends with any other

Reader reads as you ordered it


Reader follows own course through the "cloud"

Continuous, serial


Discontinuous, parallel

Written for humans


Written for humans & search engines

Keywords irrelevant


Keywords crucial

Discursive, entertaining


Trenchant, informative

When writing, consider the reader


When writing, consider the reader & Great God Google

Traditional paragraph structure & sentence length


Short "sentence paragraphs," bullet points, short lists

Linear Text: What It Is & Why It's Not Right for the Web

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