Writing Research Papers

As a fresher in school, writing research papers is a must. Now the hour is here, where you must out down at least an article. Now once you have the first article, you will not stop till the end of your course. At least you in every semester you must write am article. Now, as you are writing your research paper, you have a lot of pressure. You want to find a way of writing your research in the shortest time possible. At least there is some good news: writing a research paper, in short, is possible. And also, there is some better news, that there ways of avoiding doing your paper up the time given for the deadline. After knowing what you must do to get the article complete in a short period, we will come to those subjects. 


Just like the way it sounds. Research is just a price with a thesis and some Backup of the research to beef up the thesis. 

Research generally involves analysis, citing sources, and getting all possible information from every academic area to support a point.

Understanding the assignment

Now, most people prefer to think to answer the question without even knowing what the assignment is asking for. So the first thing before you can even get a pen to outline your work is to understand your assignment. Once you understand your assignment, you will know and understand what you need for your research. You will know which sources to cite. You will also understand which books, articles, journals, and so on to go to the site for information. 

Choosing topics

Now, this part depends on the school also. There are those schools that lectures give topics to the students, and then they are those that you as a student have to find one for yourself. Now, if you are that student who is looking for a topic, then follow these tips.


  1. Get topics you understand.
  2. Check of that topic has a lot of content.
  3. Make your topic look like a research question so that you can answer it.
  4. Plan your topic.
  5. Outline keywords.
  6. Create a thesis.

Perform researches

It is very easy to carry out research online. But the problem with this is that you must make sure that your chosen sources are very credible. Do not go to a source like Wikipedia because there are so many sources in Wikipedia. And besides, someone can edit what is on that page.

Write the thesis

The thesis is like that point you are arguing about. It is the part that will do research for points to back it up. Usually, you out at the beginning of the research paper. That is to say at the introduction.

Outlining your papers

Since you now have the important requirements for you to start writing your research paper, you need to begin defining your work. Everyone or each student has a unique way in which they can outline their work. 

Introduction, conclusion, and body

Someone will ask, do you begin with the conclusion, body, and then introduction. Or you have your way of arranging these components of the essay. Anyhow is a how. Whichever way you want to arrange your work. Some prefer to begin with an introduction, and then they can move from there towards a conclusion.

Writing research within a short time:

  • Brainstorm,
  • Research,
  • Write faster,
  • Polish your work.


At least find an environment that will help you write to understand your paper and write it with excellence.

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