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Writer's Website Links

A link seems simple, but actually
it's a complicated matter...

Click here, go there. Links seem simple, but the matter is complicated.

Outbound Links
These are the links you put on your site that take your visitors to other websites. In other words, they take your customers...away.

Huh? Doesn't sound good.

Here's the point: links are valuable. Use them wisely. Don't send your visitors just anywhere. Put links to places that will help them, but don' put them to just anyplace.

Also put links to place that will help you. By forming affiliations with websites that sell other good travel services, you can earn commissions to support your website. You provide links to affiliate sites, where the server tracks visitors coming from your site and pays you according to their purchases.

The familiar advertisements provided by search engines are also outbound links. You earn commissions when your site's visitors click on them, and your visitors get information on service that might be of use to them. This is good!

Some links will be on the normal pages of your website. If you put others on special Links pages, organize and annotate them in a manner that's useful to your site's visitors (example). A page of unorganized, un-annotated links is virtually useless and only irritates your users.

Inbound Links
Inbound links bring visitors to your website from other websites. This is good!

Why would other sites send their visitors to yours? For the same reason you'd send your visitors to them: they have content or services of value to offer your visitors. Or you've agreed to exchange links with them. This is good for both of you as well as for visitors.

Search engines notice when a lot of links lead to your website, and may rate your site higher in the results they show searchers. Best of all is when links come from popular, heavily-used websites to yours—usually because your content is exceptionally good.

This is one of the prime reasons for publicizing your website in traditional media: newspapers and magazines have large, popular websites, and if you can get a mention in the print publication, you may also get a mention—and a link—on the website. This not only sends many visitors to your site, it also raises your site in the rankings of search engines.


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